The Florence's - Papua New Guinea

Josh and Rebecca Florence first heard about the amazing ministry opportunities of Papua, New Guinea (PNG) while they were in Bible College. Veteran missionary Matt Allen spoke in a chapel service about the many unreached people groups that still exist in PNG. With over 800 spoken languages and large portions of the population who live without road access, Josh and Rebecca understood the great need for missionaries this country has. After their survey trip in the summer of 2010, they knew God was calling them to give up their jobs, friends and families to go live in PNG as His ambassadors.

Their desire is to plant churches amongst a tribal people group that God led them to. They arrived on the field in February, 2014 to begin their language and culture studies, and became part of a team effort there.

The Peterson's - Uganda

Marlin: I was born in Montana and went to engineering college.  In my third year, I went to a missionary on our campus with whom I had a Bible study. After many questions, he led me to receive Jesus Christ as my Savior.  Later, in Bible College, I surrendered to the call of God to the mission field.

Lisa:I was raised in a Christian home and received Christ as my Savior during a Christian school chapel service when I was 18 years old.  In Bible College, I surrendered my life to God’s will, even to go to the mission field if God led me there.

The Waddington's - Rock of Ages

Mark:I was born in Manchester, UK and brought up in a non-Christian home.  My father always told me that because he believed in God, I was a Christian and would go to heaven.  At 17 years old, a friend took me to an evangelistic campaign where for the first time I heard truth preached on heaven and hell.  I did not move that night, but the uneasiness I felt inside (which I now know to be the conviction of the blessed Holy Ghost!) grew over the next few weeks.  I felt miserable!  Under deep conviction one evening alone in my room in July 1988, the drawing of the Holy Ghost was so powerful that I called out to Jesus to save me and become Lord of my life!  Little did I know what God had in store back then, and all glory be to Him and Him alone!

Violeta:I was brought up in Romania during communism. By God’s grace, I grew up in a Christian home.  Despite the fact that we did not have the freedom to worship God, we still went to church every week, my parents attending Holy Trinity Baptist Church, Constanta.  When I was seven years old, I remember praying in Sunday School that the Lord would help me be a missionary one day.  When I was fourteen, I realized I was not saved, and I asked the Lord to save me! I was saved in October 1988, which was two months before communism fell.  Being a Christian in those times wasn’t easy, but the Lord was good and He brought freedom for our country and especially for Christians.  I am so honored to be serving my God and so humbled that He would use me.